2016 Ferrari 458 Italia with High-Performance

For the Ferrari fans, 2016 Ferrari 458 Italia may be going to be one of the best sport cars in the market with the great mid-engine and amazing styling that will tempt many people to ride it. This car will be anticipated the most because it may come with many great features.

It’s starting at $260,000 and can fetch more at a ebay or a site like eBay But you have to be put on a waiting list if you’re looking to get one of these baby’s, here are some specs below.

2016 Ferrari 458 Italia Review


 Styling and Features

The interior is really well-equipped with many features that can be helpful for the drivers, like the multiple-function two LCD screens in the center, while there is also car telemetry that can be found on the left; the lateral G, hydraulic pressure, oil and tires. Navigation, radio functions, and analog speedometer are included on the features located on the right. Ferrari has removed stalks from the steering column totally and moved the functions to the steering wheel; some features are added in order to make the weight saved and the car’s interior has some unique flavor.


Engine and Performance

Some updates and changes indeed happen to the 458 Italia including the engine that the one chosen by Ferrari is V8 engine with 4.5 liters of gas to make about 563 horses that can achieve up to 202 MPH only in 3.3 seconds. The EPA rating gives the result that there is 12 miles per gallon city and 18 miles per gallon highway proving that the fuel economy comes more efficient. However, the engine paired with dual-clutch transmission with seven speeds might not be accepted by purists. For the new model, it is also reported that the turbocharged engine will be used, especially with the power that is higher and newer.



The materials used to design this sport car are modern and hopefully secured. Any crash tests have not gone through by this car, either it is the test held by IIHS or NHTSA. So, we can just wait until the car is released to know about the details of safety features presented by Ferrari on the newest model.

Pros, Cons, Release Date and Price


Although the car seems having some difficulty when it comes to the shift interface, the car is actually designed with the handling that is not only good but razor-sharp along with the superstar performance that will make many people impressed and wowed. Exterior and interior designs are all eye-catching and spectacular for a sport car model. The release date is expected to be in mid 2016 and the showcase will be done in the United States market. The official information about the 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia price range is not told yet, but people already predict that it may be starting at $260,000 or possibly over than that.


2016 Ford Edge

More Fuel-Efficient Improvement

Ford makes a precious move with the production of 2016 Ford Edge which is the new generation that is ready to hit the market. If you are curious about what kind of the new design carried by the 2016-model of Edge, you need to get to know every side of this car, including the styling, the performance and lastly is the price for sure. How good the quality of the new Edge is will be discussed here.

The Details of 2016 Ford Edge

The Styling Concept

Talking about the new model of Edge, people must question about the styling concept, like its exterior changes; the outgoing exterior is the one highlighted here with the design direction set that has gone through some evolution. There are prominent pillars that are sloped framing the side profile; also, the grille is made bolder amounting to a casual front end. The design of the taillights is also different because the running lamps are now created there and the rear edges are now wrapped around by the taillights in which the LED arrays’ advantages can be shown off. If you guess the changes are many, they are not because the focus is on the existing design addition.

Although the styling of 2016 Ford Edge concept for the exterior is not that much, it does not mean that the new Edge model is not thought design thoughtfully. You can see how the details are done well with the reshaped sheet-metal that will surprise us and some other additions, like the thick rear pillar’s up-kick, the beltline crease, and in-the-grille crossbars. The appearance of this car will be agile and the weight is made lighter because the design is made based on the new side-body’s help. Here, you can call it as “classic Edge features” by Kevin George as the designer of this vehicle.

The combination of prominent rear pillar and wrap-around taillamps is the 2016 Ford Edge concept that will create the look to be like sport-wagon vehicle. The nice impression is really initiated by the lighting and air dams’ details of new lower-body. The exterior may not have much changes but when you look at inside you will be able to feel some more drama there.

For the 2016 Ford Edge interior, it has a chunkier version that comes with the higher-set proven by the existence of the soft-touch material that you can find in every corner. The Ford lineup also offers the Edge with the reconfigurable gauge cluster version in which the operation can be done by the toggles steering wheel. While the center console, it is designed with the good matte-black that faces it and the simplified controls. Perhaps, many people start expecting something different about the interior related to the lighter tone, but once you look inside, the feelings are still quite German and austere. The sound-system volume will also be affected by the big round knob; even Ford marks the climate controls. In the Titanium, there are cooled and heated front seats can also be controlled by you by using the physical buttons.

The Performance of Engine

The technology that is brought by the new Ford Edge is the EcoBoost which is really a good improvement; and with the four-cyliner engine EcoBoost 2.0 liters, the redesigned cylinder head and the technology of new twin-scroll turbocharger are included. The EPA rating is 20/30 MPG for the front-wheel-drive type and with the all-wheel drive it is 20/28 MPG. For the base engine, the MPG is 18/26 miles per gallon powered by V-6 engine with 3.5 liters. Different from them, the Edge Sport will make the numbers 17/24 MPG powered by V-6 twin-turbo engine with 2.7 liters.

245 horses can be produced with the torque of 275 pound-feet by the EcoBoost four 2.0 liters, while 280 horses can be generated with the power of V-6 engine with 3.5 liters. While for the twin-turbo one with 2.7 liters V-6, 315 horses can be made along with the torque of 350 lb-ft; do not be surprised if there are burbles found on hard acceleration.


The new Edge is really full of good things, like the technology features that are already improved, the base engine that is more fuel-efficient, the cabin materials made with higher quality, the ride quality that is more sophisticated, the steering that is more precise, and the Sport model that is more powerful. To get 2016 Ford Edge, you need to prepare the budget starting at $28,100.


2016 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

Bugatti as one of the well-known car companies has wowed many people with various models previously and now, the new 2016 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse can also make you fall for this car. After the speed records are set in ten years around the world, the new yet final Veyron has been produced and revealed, and that is also the reason why the name behind, Bugatti adds “La Finale.” It is also mentioned that the 150th roadster model as well as the 450th example of the Veyron are represented by La Finale.

Details of 2016 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

In a decade many Veyrons can be sold by Bugatti as many as when F-Series trucks sold by Ford in the United States. Each spec and detail has been unveiled by Bugatti officially and the car is actually introduced as the last Veyron built by Bugatti before they debut the new successor in the future for this supercar. Learn more about each side of this car, from the exterior and interior styling, powertrain, gas mileage, performance, to the competitors that this car has. Digging up more the details will help you to make a decision to buy the car or not.

The Styling, Exterior and Interior

For the outside look, you can see that this car is actually finished in red-and-black theme and indeed the exterior design focuses on the dark shade which is adapted from the Bugatti Veyron’s first design that was introduced and advertised in 2005 but they do not look too similar. For the visual that is more unique, Bugatti is smart to have different-hue finishes for some body parts to create inverted livery for the final model car. Also, do not forget about the “La Finale” lettering that should be highlighted since it is one of the unusual features carried by Bugatti by attaching this into the car’s body.

2016 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse exterior is good-looking with the black exposed carbon-fiber as the materials to design the areas between the side air intakes and the doors, the doors themselves and the front wing panels; while Bugatti uses red exposed carbon-fiber to make other parts of this car. A benchmark is represented by the previously-mentioned material for the auto industry since this material is not used by any other car companies in producing cars. The brand-new color is the one that should be emphasized here and there are eight tints offered by Bugatti.

As mentioned previously, on the body of 2015 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, there is “La Finale” lettering that makes the car more special and the appearance is twice if you can carefully see, on the underside of the rear wing and the front headlamp with the black carbon-fiber. Hubcaps, multi-spoke wheels that are body matching, and red “16.4” badging are included in other highlights. Bugatti also paints the same elephant on the oil cap and its cover of fuel tank cover playing a role as the miled-aluminum black anodized insert. People must agree that this lettering is the precious highlight for the final wonderful supercar of Bugatti.

After discussing the outside, the inside of this car is as awesome as the outside with the similar uniqueness as well because you can see how the upholstery presented in Silk beige leather giving a prominent contrast along with its steering wheel, side bolsters, dashboard, instrument panel, and Hot Spur Red arm rests. Even when your sight is on the cockpit, you can find the red exposed carbon-fiber there because the seat shells, door panels, and center tunnel are available with that material or even as the center console’s inserts.

The one that is also visible for the 2016 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse interior is the door sill and head restrains that are adorned by the “La Finale” lettering made in Italian and Silk Red. The use of the red exposed carbon-fiber material is not only that because Bugatti uses this for the Bugatti elephant that is included in the cover of stowage compartment. The elephant made of a black patina combined in bronze crafted will be the detail that is the most attractive here when you glance at its cabin.

The elephant with bronze craft and the black patina inside the 2015 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is not only made for the additional design but this is the true tribute for the 1920s and 1930s of considerable extravagance Bugatti cars. Bugatti has also painted the “450/450” lettering in black underneath the icon cast. It is not only any feature because you can see that with this lettering paint, the “La Finale” lettering becomes the sought-after Veyrons in the future and the contribution of the “450/450” lettering will really be that big in marketing this car very well.

It is not easy for the designers to make such wonderful car because it needs more effort by drawing inspiration from the other industries so that the car can finally be equipped by the great systems and materials since they think of demanded extreme stress and extreme speeds to be on the top. Although it is a supercar with the extreme power and speed, the driver and passengers do not need to worry about the safety because the optimum safety combined with the maximum lateral and longitudinal dynamics can be achieved by this car.

As the fastest roadster in the world, everything is perfect; especially the 2015 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse has the combination between the lightweight construction and rigidity which is called as the winning combination. The materials selection is even done very thoroughly so that Veyron’s each area can be designed as planned. Non-splintering, heat resistance, formability, tensile strength, and lightness are included in the optimum characteristics that are looked for by the Bugatti in making the La Finale in order to deal with the significant loads.

The extremely strong yet feather-light carbon fiber is used for the passenger compartment of 2016 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. With the monocouqe-designed, this has 110 pounds of weight in which a cavity is contained by the monocoque so that the 100-liter fuel tank can be housed. Bugatti also uses the fixed, highly complex frame structure to complete the central vehicle structure for the rear and front side; while the 45,000 Nm per degree is the measurement for the torsional firmness from bloc to bloc so that the driving performances in bends can be more accurate and the driver can also enjoy the acceleration and braking with the awesome stability.

The braking system is even improved by Bugatti so now it has a higher performance in which the unique components are featured so that the vehicle can be carried to a halt not only quickly but also safely and the powerful forces can be controlled more effectively. Bugatti designs certain components in conjunction and you will experience a thrill when it comes to its braking system just like when you start accelerating. The deceleration values are the ones generated by Veyrons because the aerodynamic braking role integrated into the stern wing has been combined with the air brake’s real-time submission.

The Powertrain and Performance

After the styling, it is the time to learn further about the car’s performance by seeing how great the powertrain used here is. This car is actually powered by the W-16 engine with 8.0 liters of gas which is one of the Bugatti’s massive powertrains just like the “standard” Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. The torque that can be generated with that machine is up to 1,106 pound-feet which is amazing along with 1,803 horses; of course, with this fact, the crown as the best production car will still be worn by Veyron and this automatically proves that Veyron is really the most powerful car ever.

Also, about the 2016Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse performance, you cannot leave out this since the acceleration is really awesome with in just 2.5 seconds, the acceleration can be from 0-60 MPH and this is why Veyron is leading and able to compete with other vehicles. The speeds that can even be reached by this supercar are 253 MPH. It is known that the world record for the car’s speed has not even reached 268 MPH with the Bugatti’s Veyron that is not equipped with speed limiter.

The Rivals

The first competitor for the newest yet final Veyron from Bugatti’s 2015 model is Porsche 918 Spyder which is not the new product as it was released in 2013. This car is powered by a great powertrain, a gasoline-electric hybrid; it is unlike the one used for Veyrons that is all-engine. The 918 Spyder is the hypercar that is able to generate 156 horses offered by the hybrid system, V8 engine with 4.6 liters of gas mated to a 608-horse which is for the rear wheels, while for the front wheels, there will be 129 horses with all-electric, so the rate that is got is the torque of 944 pound-feet and 887 horses to produce.

Indeed, the rate is still not able to compare to the Bugatti and the acceleration that can be done by this car is in just 2.5 seconds, can reach up to 60 MPH even if there is limited speed up to 214 MPH only. In months, these cars are already sold out because they are designed limited-edition just like Veyrons with the price set at $845,000 which is still considered as the most reasonably priced of the hypercar in the lineup; but the car is really worth purchasing.

The second rival that the 2015 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse has is Ferrari LaFerrari that has tons of charms that can make us wowed. The showcase of this car is shortly after the Porsche 918 Spyder and this model is one of the hybrid supercars with the pretty name, LaFerrari. The engine used to power the car is definitely typical in which the V12 engine with 6.3 liters of gas is featured by this car and Ferrari does not even forget to mate this to a pair of electric motors. If combined, the total output that will be sent by the car will be up to 950 horses.

However, when it comes to the acceleration, it cannot be compared to the supercar and hypercar mentioned above since in 2.6 seconds it can accelerate to 60 MPH proving that this car is a bit slower. Both LaFerrari and Porsche won’t be able to follow up the top speed earned by Bugatti’s with the 218 MPH maxed out. The production plan seems different from what many people expect because it is reported that only 499 LaFerrari coupes that will be produced and to have this amazing car, the money that should be saved at least $1.35 million.

The Pros, Cons, and Price

Without saying much, we can conclude that the 2015 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is not only the most powerful and fastest car but this vehicle is also the most incredible that we may have ever seen and known. With this kind of car existence, there will be much higher expectation towards the next car models of Bugatti; we can even see how wide the door is open for the upcoming monsters with high performance that has already been planned by Bugatti to conquer the market after the Veyron’s La Finale that comes with limited production.

It is better to know completely about the car and that is why it is required to have information related to some unfortunate things happen, like the “La Finale” that will never be seen after this since it is really the final and with that lettering, it is also obvious that the original’s hypercar is officially end. However, you can still take into account some good things, like how its body is designed with the red-tinted carbon fiber that is super dazzling and stunning. The price will be the thing questioned a lot after taking a look at the review; the price is known to be around $2 million because we all know how special and incredible the car is built. It is nothing to see how expensive the 2015 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is, because it is the time to boast about this car after you buy